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I don't know about all of my fellow Jemmy Pilots, but I find it extremely unfair that we have to own a Jem'Hadar Attack ship (which are obscenely expensive on the Exchange) as well as either of the Jemmy carriers in order to unlock the Attack Ship hanger items. Some of us, no, a vast majority of us simply can't afford both of those ships. It's insane for anyone to think this is a fair idea. So...I was thinking/wondering if the Attack Ship hangars should be unlocked for anyone who should be lucky enough to own either of the Jemmy carriers, instead of being punished for not being obscenely rich enough to casually pay half a billion Energy credits for the Attack ship. If any of the STO devs can see this PLEASE could you have the Jem'Hadar attack ship hangars unlocked for Jem'Hadar carrier owners? It really isn't asking a lot and you'd make us humble Jemmy pilots VERY happy.