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04-10-2013, 10:46 PM
I just finished running some tests on the trait. Kind of controversial, i mean, tacs will still be able to one shot me. I get that Scis dont need to be messing with shields since thats the Engis role.

The ones who really need a nerf are the tactical officers. I dont know about you people but im sick and tired of the lunge.

On another note, while using the Elite fleet polyalloy weave armor mk12 [ResAll] [RegSH] [Nanite], the medical Vanguard has a 100% up time, pretty sure its broken.

I really hope it does not get a super nerf, maybe trade shield regen for armor reinforcement, maybe a special 100% up time with nanites.

Also agreed with this being funny, as some tac abilities have been crying for a nerf and yet nothing has been done.