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04-10-2013, 11:52 PM
I have been a happy member of the sto community since luanch,gone along with every change. But this time they have gone too far.... On tribble epts only has shield res for 20 seconds instead of 30,while still having 30 second cd... This will make cruisers as weak as sci vessels... Most of my toons builds depends on this and honestly i might as well just leave the gaming community rather than spend years trying to find a build that will work again just to realize i should have stoped playing in the first place.Why am i posting here? We must stop this MEGANERF right now before it hits holodeck.I have heard people say that ept skills didnt feel like emergencys.
1. Every battle where you would get poped in 5 seconds without that buff is a emergency

2.Why not just rename it

This game is turning into escort online and im sorry but im looking for sto. While cruisers tanking buffs get nerfed eptw gets buffed further -_-. I can take escorts being a little op but if you nerf cruisers im out. Escorts dont fit my play style and cruisers would be too weak. And yah thats what i have to say... guess i should just enjoy my last few days of sto... it was good while it lasted though... I pray this wont happen i really do but.....