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04-10-2013, 10:52 PM
Since this is the official one. copy pasta from the release notes thread.


A good start the time changes needed to happen as shields was way out of line with any other eptx power. However, theres gonna need to be some testing, and most defiantly in pvp as you can get away with gaps in PvE as the borg dont watch your power timers. A team of players will however flay you alive the moment your shield resists drop.

You can either fix this by some further mods to epts or I think the best but more painful route of changing how base shields behave.

Atm I hate how you must have epts# up and running 100% or you will explode in the next 3 seconds in high difficulty's or even more so PvP. I would like epts not to be a must absolutely have. And atm it is not because the others suck which they did, but because if you dont you die pitifully.

I think in an escort you could get away with the new change if you are evasive as hell and KHG shield + rom passive to reduce incoming hits. So you could technically just push escorts into a new playstyle while everyone else drops their pants every 20 seconds. Thats bad try an avoid that outcome.


In the release notes Dontdrunk and many other people outine the primary problem with the latest change and I agree with them. I think that the whole shield resistance system needs a bit of a rework instead of just simply making EPTS# the must cycle power it is atm for the majority of builds.