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04-10-2013, 10:53 PM
haha. wow.

I never had a problem with cruisers survivability. The problem is always to KILL THE GUY ATTACKING YOU!

Assuming competent builds on both sides, cruisers always have the short end of the stick.
Sci ships get a multitude of disabling and interference powers, escorts just blast away. Both of them can tank cruiser damage easily.

Yes, both of them will also have a hard time killing the competent cruiser but the core problem is:

I kinda want the interference sci and the dps escort in my group. I do not need a cruiser.

I do not want a healer, i want higher damage or in the case of cruisers: sufficient pressure damage.

And no, plasma weapons/consoles are not the solution. Because unless you have similar consoles for all weapon types this whole arrangement stinks mightily.

And of course: engineering boff powers flat out suck and are boring.

Engie team is unusable because it removes the ability to use tactical team - an ability which you have made absolutely vital for any ship. Tac team is vital because you have failed to adjust the shield rebalancing that is in the game to the new massive dps creep that took place.

And even if engie team were off global cooldown with tac team, it still would suck since it heals what amounts to one cannon volley of damage. whoopsie doo.

Power to X powers are boring, their secondary effect is either to short or to boring.

Aceton beam does nothing right:
It does not murder crew (and even if it did: does not matter whatsoever), it does not diminish power levels and it is cleansed easily since EVERYONE runs HE. It should inflict a dot and increasing power drain - the dot does damage based on power levels on the target ship, as it drains power the dot goes down. (so it basically softens up targets while weakening them). The powerdrain should linger a bit. perhaps even make it so that if the target gets hit with another aceton while the effect of the first still lingers, the effect gets increased magnitude.

Ejcet Warp plasma dearly needs to get bumped down to ensign level as starting point.

Extend shields: yes how about extending this to 15 km to compensate for the fact that this is a worse TSS that is breakable.

Boarding party: lol yes. So i can send in guys that will attack boffs and try to interfere with system operations but are to dumb to place some bloody bombs?!
Remember that khazon guys who took a hit for the team and blew out voyagers main power? yes. Make boarding party randomly obliterate a power system for a period of time..... synergy with vm is intended....

As for armor consoles:

I use aux to sif and polarize hull as standard on just about every ship i use.

My resists are already high. I do not need more resists. i want more base hp, more useful powers, i want to be able to actually damage the crack escort in his bloody jhas.

If this is just shifting neutroniums to another slot i can only say: meh.