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04-11-2013, 05:04 AM
Originally Posted by haubrock View Post
I have to say: Your guys timing is just aweful... Today i was hoping to get home from work early and might do some gaming BEFORE the patch... you guys ruined that... Now I see it is 5 hours in my timezone and I wonder, why you guys cant do this like from 08am to 1pm MET when most people work over here? Or like soemtimes?
God I hate that attitude.

My primary online/STO time is an hour before work in the morning, lunchtime where possible and, if I am lucky, an hour or two in the evening.

Today's downtime means that I won't be able to play at lunchtime, and it'll likely cut into my evening too. Do you 'hear' me having a tantrum about it?

No, because I realise that the GAME isn't all about me and what I want, that the downtime is usually a necessity and that there are other things that I can do during said downtime.

I really do tire of today's society of people who act so entitled about everything!
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