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04-11-2013, 06:14 AM
Originally Posted by stardestroyer001 View Post
Sounds good. I'll pull out my escort, and we'll really see about your ship being more of an escort... or more of a cruiser.
what did you want to proove here? i don't anderstand.
that your escort will do more damage than my engie heavy, beam boat gal x in estf?
that you might be able to kill me in a challenge 1vs1?

if that the case, you might have,as you said to me, read all my posts, but you certainly didn't anderstand them, or you just don't want to.

english is not my primary language, i don't master it to the perfection, so maybe it my fault, i didn't make myself clear enought, let me try to correct that.

i don't want to make this ship an escort ,first, and i certainly do not think it is right now.

when i said this:
i bielieve that some of them could fill the role of a sub damage dealer ( compared to an escort ).
that is already the case in the game, see the galor, but the galaxy x is not part of that group due to it stats that make it a wanabbe of the 2 categorie.
maybe i didn't use the correct word, you tell me.
sub damage dealer here, for me, mean to deal less damage than an escort ( sub damage compared to an escort).
i want it to be able to deal comparable damage as a regent, dkora, galor.

it is also clearly mentioned, for me anyway, that currently, considereing the bo layout of the galaxy x, this IS NOT POSSIBLE.
yes even dealing damage comparable to these cruiser is not possible.
so why in the hell would i think that it can deal as much damage as even the less powerfull escort?
why in the hell would i came in this forum to ask for more tactical abilitie?

that being said, if it a challenge you want, i am your man!

the problem here, buddy, is that ( and i known that could sounds strange by reading it) by doing this you are taking far more risk than i do.
that a good escort is capable of killing a tact galaxy x is nothing extraordinary.
the problem is that the countrary might happened. ( yes, even with my beam boat you might get a little surprised if your not at the level)
how would you feel if you were to be beaten by what is considered by the pvp community as the biggest gimp ship EVA.
where your argue will fall then?
because mine would still stand correct, even if i loose.

anyway, if you want to try this here my handle in game @NEO_NX ( yeah, in capslock, hehe ).
one more thing, i will not be ready in the minute, i would have to change some gear before.
i am currently nerfing myself intentionally to get used to the new fleet gear base stat that will be available to me in one week.
i have remove my maco deflector and replace it with a mk1 standard version, i also remove my adapted maco and replace it with a green standard mk11 shield.
see you in game.