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Originally Posted by neo1nx View Post
english is not my primary language, i don't master it to the perfection, so maybe it my fault, i didn't make myself clear enought, let me try to correct that.

i don't want to make this ship an escort ,first, and i certainly do not think it is right now.

when i said this:

maybe i didn't use the correct word, you tell me.
sub damage dealer here, for me, mean to deal less damage than an escort ( sub damage compared to an escort).
i want it to be able to deal comparable damage as a regent, dkora, galor.
Okay, I understand what you're trying to say now. I didn't know that English wasn't your primary language.

I get what you're saying - you want a slant towards tactical, but your ship is still a cruiser. That's fine, and I offer this:

Have the 4 / 3 / 3 current layout, but have an additional console slot that is grey - it is a "universal console slot" (not to be confused with Universal Consoles). That way, if you want to tank in the Galaxy-X, you can, and if you want to do more damage in the Galaxy-X, you can.

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