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04-11-2013, 05:48 AM
Originally Posted by lonnehart View Post
Well, the time waiting for the game to come back up could be used for other things. Go out and enjoy the sun, go tour the town, etc...

Or you can go and play other games while waiting. Of course if all of PWE's servers/games are being worked on just go play something else. I'd make suggestions, but I'm not plugging other games here.
except i get off work at 7am CST, and by the time this is up it will be time for me to sleep so my free time just got shot by this terrible maintence window and overly long patch cycle they choose, it seems rather excessive to me to have a 5:30 patch time, if its tested and working, just get it on the server and turn it on, but of course the 30 minutes to copy the relevant data, then another 5 hours of them "testing".