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04-11-2013, 06:01 AM
Originally Posted by reyan01 View Post
God I hate that attitude.

My primary online/STO time is an hour before work in the morning, lunchtime where possible and, if I am lucky, an hour or two in the evening.

Today's downtime means that I won't be able to play at lunchtime, and it'll likely cut into my evening too. Do you 'hear' me having a tantrum about it?

No, because I realise that the GAME isn't all about me and what I want, that the downtime is usually a necessity and that there are other things that I can do during said downtime.

I really do tire of today's society of people who act so entitled about everything!
God I hate that attitude... Your sentence: "No, because I realise that the GAME isn't all about me..." Seriously? My Point was ONLY that it is every thursday the WHOLE free afternoon people from Europe MIGHT use to actually play. What would I care if it takes your lunchtime-playing time?! I bet a lot of people would love to have this patch aroung their lunchtime or worktime. All I am adressing here, is the anti-european patchtime, which could be solved be changing patching times OR maybe by several servers like we experience in other games, where the european area has its own running server... That way patching downtime wouldnt interfere with people actually playing...

TO your "Do you 'hear' me having a tantrum about it?" You just being here in the forum shows you are having some mental state... just like all of us being here so maybe you would do yourself a favour and stop critizising people for their opinion and state arguments that are actually worth the time reading

When talking about reading, thats what i will do now...
See all of you later... INGAME