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04-11-2013, 06:18 AM
Ah..the fleet Norgh... my favourite toy (why I have to pay 1000z to get the ning'tao skin bugs me though) - It really is a versatile lil' critter - My own build though only uses one atb as, well....a bop should not be visible long enough to require more than one atb imo (get in, do your job, get out, shake it all about -ahem-)

Currently, I run a primary 'gank support' build - using atb to doublestack beam overloads primarily, but also using atb to speed up the cds of my heals, my polarise hull for escaping a tractor while apO is on cd and my 'just incase' ability (jam sensor, mask energy signiature) for those times the cloak is broken (I've lost count how many times my 'just incase' ability has saved my ship)

Regarding the OPs build, I would seriously consider giving your bop some teeth and some more survivability should it go belly up (this is just an idea, its not perfect, but its a possible to my mind):

Tac ltc: TT1, APD, CRF
(Or hy2..though considering it looks like a proc turret build, maybe even scatter)

Cmdr eng: ET1, ATB1, EPts3, Extend 3
Lt eng Eptaux1, aux2damp1
(why aux2damp? it might not be as effective as omega, but its resist to disable can help escape tractors when ph2 is on cd- plus the 67% flight speed boost and turn rate has uses...or maybe even aux2sif, for extra resist/heal potential)

Ltc sci: sci team 1, ph2, he3
(No high level teams as, well, they clash to much to be worth it imo)

Maximum 30% cd reduction per atb activation, combined with the fact it can be used while cloaked would make this a fairly servicible healbop in my opinion - plus with an easily used epts3, a large chunk of shield can be rebuilt at will - plus the resist is relatively high - only issue to my mind is the lack of a secondary 'cloak', such as mask or jam - thus slotting two purple evasive conn doffs would be very useful

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