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Hey everyone. Maybe I'm the only one that takes issue with this, but now that the Omega rep system released the Omega Torpedo Launcher and the Romulan rep allows for the Romulan Hyper-Plasma torpedo launcher, perhaps we should get a revamp of the look on the torpedoes themselves.

My thoughts are the the standard torpedoes should basically look like a green quantum torpedo, rather than some monstrous electrified hulk. Also, when you launch heavy plasma torpedoes or plasma energy bolts from a small sized ship such as the defiant, they are larger than the ship that launches them! I would think these would look far better as a green version of the heavy tricobalt model, or even the Green transphasic cluster torpedo.

These massive torpedos look silly hurtling through space and, at least for me, take away from the overall immersion. Even using a recolored model of the chroniton for the Omega torpedo would be far more appealing than shooting the "space snot" models we're using now.

Also with the introduction of the Andorian phasers, it would be nice to be able to recolor the one-of-a-kind weaponry. For example, if I were to mount my phaser quad cannons on an Andorian Kumari, but use all the other slots as Andorian phasers, I've got one set of guns firing orange, while all the others are blue. Perhaps just a color selection pulldown menu, or even just a simple checkbox.

This goes for the Point Defense Turret as well. Its color isn't right even compared with phasers as it looks far more like antiproton. And the kdf crossover version from the console pack is disruptor, but is still that bland red color.

These are minor tweaks, and I'm sure it's just my OCD, but I was hoping some others could comment on this and maybe we can see if we can get a little more "realism" on these items.

So in summary:

Omega torpedo standard fire: Green Chroniton model or Transphasic model.
Omega heavy plasma bolt: Green Heavy Tricobalt Device model or Breen Transphasic Cluster torpedo model or even just a scaled down version of what exists now.
Romulan Hyper-Plasma standard fire: Green Quantum model.
Romulan Hyper-Plasma heavy torpedo: Green Heavy Tricobalt Device model.
Standard Plasma torpedo: Green Quantum torpedo model.
Heavy Plasma torpedo: Green Heavy tricobalt device model.

Quad Phaser cannons: Color select for blue or standard
Phaser Point Defense Turret: Updated firing sprites that match standard phaser color with blue selectable variant for Andorian ships.
Disruptor Point Defense Turret: Actual Disruptor sprite.

As a final thought, it would be nice to see more weapon types for Spiral Wave Disruptor and Dominion Polaron. The SW beam arrays are nice and all and the dual cannons and beam arrays for the Dominion are great, but now that we have the Phased Tetryon, Polarized Disruptors, and Romulan Plasma available in all types, it would be nice to balance the rest of them out. Seems a little unfair to me that if you want to use a particular "special weapon" type, you're locked into very little choice about the matter of what you get to use.

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