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04-11-2013, 06:29 AM
It looks like there will be hours of wait time today while the devs do whatever devs do so I think I'll post one.

I pugged into a Cure Space Normal and typed hello. Everyone else said hello. I fly over to the right and shoot the BOPS. They both die and I start on a node. Two other ships show up and start on the same node. It dies. A Raptor spawns and one of the other ships go chasing it. I don't know where the third ship went.

Now just so you'll know, I'm still running XI phasers. My boat is all phasers, no torps or anything else.

The one ship is shooting away at the Raptor has a combo of rainbows and skittles.

I killed three nodes and the missing ship showed back up and starts helping again. We kill the cube and I look back just to see the rainbow boat STILL trying to kill that same raptor! I didn't see any others spawn so I'm reasonably sure it was the same raptor.

I typed LOL and flew on to the next cube.

The mission went well other than that poor guy with the rainbow-skittle boat.

I just though I'd share that little tidbit.