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04-11-2013, 07:59 AM
Originally Posted by thegrimcorsair View Post
Not sure if want or not want "Surprise! Extend Shields!"

I dunno Reni, this thing... it just, I dunno. I cannot make heads or tails of it.

Coming from someone who has slotted an extend on a bop in the same way suggested before... it does work remarkably well - although the operation of it on a norgh is quite different to a typical gank bop in that battlecloaks cooldown is not fast enough for your purposes as you need a faster 'alpha' than a typical bop

Lets say theres a fat old voquv about to be bugged - a healbop type I'd run would have mask energy signiature -somewhere-

Namely, decloak, drop the extend, maybe some heals and epts then before they know you were there, hit mask energy signiature and evasive - then get out of there, on battlecloaks cd when it clears, toggling off mask and cloaking properly

...the point of mask is that your shields do not drop - thus you can take a degree of fire before being fully hidden

then atb to get your cds lowered and repeat

you might not kill anything, but that fat old bird you covered will appreciate it