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Originally Posted by zipagat View Post
Its more likely that Cardassia would join the Federation than the Empire enslaving them. The True Way seem to be smart enough to know to not poke the dragon in the eye so to speak and appear to leave the KDF well enough alone.
Aye, I can already see the Cardassian faction implemented in the same way as the Romulan one with one notable difference - they'll be allies of the Federation as far as the story in STO goes.
Or it could become a mini faction-subfaction of the Fed. Or just playable Cardassians for Feds., since they are already kinda' allied and working together.

Although I'd personally want to have the Cardassians as a faction, not playable species even if it means the faction to be released in a similar manner of the Romulan Republic.
As long as Natima Lang is in charge and I get my orders from Garak - I'm fine with it.
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