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This SOUNDED like the most appropriate place to ask this - correct me if I am wrong.

What is up with the server?
Is there anything in the works to upgrade the tech?

There are days where the server lag is so terrible that the game is virtually unplayable... "Server not responding" has become my worst nightmare - I wake up with sweats in the night, terrified that a red "server not responding" message with a second count is at the edge of my vision... the world frozen around me, but I can still move. No matter how far I go, I am teleported back -repeatedly- to where I was standing.

In all seriousness though,
There are days where it is manageable I.E.: 2 mins of lag every 25-30 minutes.
And there are days... 2-3 mins of lag every 5 mins where I want to rage-quit my hardware (Throw computer out of 3rd floor window).

PVP, PVE, and missions are not even worth playing when the server gets like that. It's frustrating.

Especially when I have a direct wired connection to the Ethernet and no other equipment running with a 100mbps connection. It's not my end - so what gives server folks??

I am worried for the Romulan faction release because as much as I want to play as a Romulan, I don't even want to imagine how integrating so much more content and the many more players who will join STO... will affect the servers... when they can't handle current demands.