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04-11-2013, 08:53 AM
Guys, this is a terrible idea. The intent is to allow everyone to level up their characters up to the maximum. If you have a problem with the amount of XP you are getting per tier, then you are obviously not finding the right missions.

The rewards for these missions are even more ludicrous, considering that the 10000 XP Doff mission only gives 75-100 fleet marks. So you are saying for even less you want more?

The DOff system is meant for critical thinking meaning that you have to be careful about which assignments you want to do (along with which DOffs to assign). Prior to myself reaching level 4 on all tiers, i had to think carefully about which missions I wanted in to get the most XP in that tier. Now that all my tiers are completely leveled up, I am choosing DOff missions that give me the most dilithium, buffs, items, personnel, or XP. And Guess what? I'm getting Fleet Marks at a ridiculous pace, all 4 of my characters have around 1000-2000 fleet marks without a lot of projects to contribute to (my fleet's need is Duty Officers and Dilithium, and not fleet marks)

If you want to complain about uneven leveling, maybe a better thing to do is to get the devs to change the rewards on certain disciplines. I know that Military, Engineering, Espionage, get a lot of XP in them with Science, Medical, Marauding, and Exploration not far behind. Maybe lower those rewards, or increase all the other ones. But I for one do not think this is broken.
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