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04-11-2013, 09:47 AM
I am new to pvp but i noticed that if you are running epts1 at 50 shield power it only gives a 5% increase in resist over just running my shield power setiings higher and using another eptx ability.

With the new emergency power to aux doffs with 3 equipped it is like almost 4 extra purple xii sif consoles and 2 purple xii emitter consoles. I dont see any reason why you need to run epts 1.

The first reason being if you get nuked wich is when most people die the epts actually puts you at a disadvantage because you lose the resist and power level. If you run a higher shield power setting you mantain your resist even if you are nuked.

The second reason being it is so easy to reach max shield resist in this game you really dont need the extra resist from epts 1.

The only benefit to having epts1 would be for shield disables and with human boffs subsystem repair eng team and batteries i dont see the need for this skill anymore since when i do get shield procced it is only down for a second.

Now with the new changes with epta giving bonus to particle gens decompiler and grav generators and these new doffs i will drop epts for epta in my sci without any complaints.

Im sure this post will have people laughing saying this idiot doesnt use epts. I urge you to do some testing first before ripping me to shreds lol. The old days are gone dont be close minded dont trust what everyone else tells you find out for yourselves.