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So for a while now I've been pondering the nature of the story in the tutorial for Federation characters. I expect at some point Cryptic will want to go back and remaster the tutorial to take advantage of new tech and assets that have been developed since the creation of the game. There are a number of aspects I personally would like to see improve, but recently something occurred to me that I think could really improve one of the major weakness in the plot of the tutorial.

I'm referring to the circumstances of your promotion to command.

A quick refresher: Currently you (the player) start out as a mid-level ensign assigned to beam over to assist the U.S.S. Khitomer (as a one man away team) which is under attack by the Borg. You do enough to turn the tide and are called back to your ship. When you get back, you find that the entire command structure has been decimated and despite being an ensign, you are now in command. (This last part is explained in a single dialog box.)

I've always found this to be a little hard to swallow. (The Borg show up, kill every officer and then promptly leave while you're away.) Up until now, we've accepted this as an unavoidable plot hole.

But I've thought of a better way. This is my proposal: Flip it around, You start out on the Khitomer and then are sent to rescue the ship that will eventually become your first command.

You start out as a mid level ensign on the U.S.S. Khitomer. The ship responds to a distress call from the Vega Colony which has been attacked by the Borg. The Khitomer arrives to find the outer system littered with the remains of the fleet. One of the ships, the U.S.S. [Player Ship] is sending out an automated distress call. A sensor scan shows sporadic lifesigns and plenty of Borg.

You are assigned to an away team to beam over along with a couple of other officers. Upon beam down, you are attacked by a Borg attempting to assimilate the transporter room. Your away team is injured but you manage to take the Borg down. You are unable to contact the Khitomer due to Borg interferance. Luckily the sickbay is close by and you make your way there and activate the EMH. You then proceed to use the transporter to tag and transport the injured away team to the sickbay. Your away team out of danger, you proceed through the ship rescuing and picking up surviving crew members. These will become your new crew. You ultimately end up at the bridge trying to retake the ship and my fight the assimilated former captain. With the ship back now your control, you reestablish contact with the Khitomer which leaves to take on the main Borg fleet, while you and your new command continue the tutorial mostly as it did before.

At the end Admiral Quinn is so impressed with your retaking of the [Player Ship] that he gives you command.


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