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There have been many threads made on this subforum regarding the various apparent issues currently present in how Accolades associated with the Omega/STF Mk XI+ sets are tracked. Instead of responding to every one of those threads, please consider this your official update.

We're working on a dialogue option for Commander Roxy that may address some of these issues for players that have met Accolade completion parameters, but not received credit.

Basically, she'll attempt to reset all of your STF Accolades, and then manually check for Completion.

Before this goes live, we're performing as many test cases as we can to ensure that it works as intended, and doesn't actually cause further issues.

If you've submitted a bug report in the past, while logged into a character that you believe was experiencing this issue, please post your Ticket # as a reply to this thread. The more character copies we are able to use as test cases, the more likely it will be that this actually solves the associated bug(s).


Separate to the issue above is the apparent miscommunication on how the Costume options for these sets are actually handled. Let me take a moment to explain how those work.

All STF Armor of Mk XI or higher has visuals associated with it. However, these visuals are just a simple overlay, the same as the "plastic pajamas" associated with armor throughout the rest of the game. They can be turned on/off from your equipment panel, and cannot be altered using the Tailor.

Upon receiving all 3 pieces of a single Mk XI (or higher) set of Omega gear, you should see a Costume Unlock Project appear in your list of Reputation projects. This project will not appear if you claim a mixed set (e.g., 2 pieces of KHG Mk XI and 1 of KHG Mk XII, or 2 pieces of MACO Mk XII and 1 of Adapted MACO Mk XII).

It is only after running and claiming this project that you are able to modify your Omega gear using the Tailor.
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