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04-11-2013, 10:30 AM
Thats not bad if we are keeping our existing tutorial. But wasn't it said before that they would like to revamp it entirely, even moving that whole Vega Colony Borg story somewhere else?

I'd personally rather have the type of start I thought I'd have when rolling a new Starfleet character. Academy. I'm an Academy student nearing graduation, learning the ropes on Earth; how to move, how to interact with the UI mission system etc. Holodeck combat/diplomatic scenarios & short ingame videos briefing beforehand and on skills etc (akin to the Champions Online powerhouse vids). My first BOFF is my best pal. My first space mission is in a shuttle or runabout. Retune the Azura mission for shuttle combat (I've managed it on Elite in a shuttle but it takes a while ^^).

However, without another 10 or so episodes about how I get a hold of a Miranda it certainly falls flat.
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