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Originally Posted by skquige View Post
i dont want to fight with eanyone but 90% of americans say thay have 51% of players but thay are talking about noth america not the usa but thay dont know that canada is not the usa and there are a lot of players from hear and i think it is an insolt to all canadians to be called usa so please use the right words say the north and central americas not the usa ty and sorry if i afended some one
I was not including the canadians into the us, nor was i saying that north america is just the us. The person or you, dont recall who, said that the main broad main whatever startrek fanbase is from the us, and that is just wrong. it would certainly be better to leave out nations and use timezones, so: doing maintenance in the time set up now, is just a ****up for people from european or asian timezones. so THAT is why i mentioned the idea of using serverrelated patches with different timezones, but that would cost, and like we see from the content and patches, is cryptic like every other company