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04-11-2013, 10:35 AM
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^ - This.

And, as for the Europe vs. North and Central America player bases, this is exactly why Cryptic should have set up regional servers like every other MMO out there. I do not have anything against foreign players. What bothers me is that there are American players that yell at German, French, Italian, etc. players who choose to speak/type in their own language in zone chat, demanding that they speak English. On top of that, whenever someone gets a Lock Box ship and we get the announcement, the announcement is presented in their native language, as opposed to English.

Long story short, Cryptic could avoid this issue of downtime, and these arguments about player base by simply setting up servers for Europe and Africa, servers for the Americas, and servers for Asia/Oceania.
THIS is what i am referring to all the time. The STFs and Events could link the servers, so that it would be possible to actually see people from other nations in an STF, same goes for pvp. It would mean, that you would have to choose your server / region in the beginning, but who cares? Most of the people speak english in this way, some better some worse (like me **** im tired) But who cares? It would solve lagging because of peak times and problems with patching times