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04-11-2013, 10:09 AM
Gal-R: 2 tact consoles
Gal-X: 3 tact consoles

Gal-R: 8 weapon slots
Gal-X: 8 weapon slots + Phaser lance + Dual Cannons capable + cloak

I see the Gal-X as a Gal-R with more punch. It should never be on par with an escort in sustainable firepower.

I am a Tact I have a Fleet Gal-R and a Gal-X I love em both.

Nothing brings a brighter smile to your face with a fully powered up decloak lance attack.

3 Very Rare MKXII phaser consoles, APA, APB1, Tact Team 1, Fire on my mark, Go down fighting, tactical fleet, Large Weapon battery with the Doff that gives 10% damage and things go kaboom.
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