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Originally Posted by lordmalak1 View Post
Yup, those starfleet regs mean so much to my klingon character. Luckily the devs were wise enough to not allow me to serve Tasha a knuckle sandwich when she asks me if I need help lowering the forcefields, since she does have some experience with them.

Dingy blonde shoulda stayed dead.
Well, remember - from your character's perspective (in the altered timeline) you don't even really recall the actual Klingon Empire, the KDF, OR Star Fleet (hell for all you know, maybe your Klingon was/is a member of Starfleet - your character has no real tangible memory of the 'min' timeline during the mission.

to the topic, i liked it as it was in character for Tasha Yar to do something like that as she often WAS that annoying in stressful/military situations.
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