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Originally Posted by cmdrscarlet View Post
@ sander - I'm interested in your work, may I have the name of your novel?

@ ambassadormolari - Flip a coin because I'll read whatever comes out of your imagination!

@ ironphoenix113 - Awesome entry! I'll add to the chorus that the top-level version of a fleet battle was different and interesting. As cumbersome as Star Trek space battles tend to be, even the big fights against the Borg and Dominion on the show had some much happening that it's all a blurr. Writing it as you did gave the same impression: you know what's happening, but the details are lost or unnecessary *because* of the bigger picture.

@ superhombre777 - Man, you must hate Section 31 Actually, even the few missions I have played have really had me look at Drake as more than just a protagonist in a game. I snarl at his portrait because he represents the "necessary evil" in Starfleet - which I admit shouldn't exist in my mind Anyways, well done and thank you for the timeline - that is very influential to me with my current project.

Speaking of which ...

@ gulberat - No way did I think you think I'm sadistic. The Lone Drone piece was designed to show Kathryn's cruelty. I thought it was a "hell yeah" moment but in hindsight I think I would be mortified as well ... THEN I think about my own loathing for anything "Borg" in Star Trek. Borg + Kathryn's vendetta against an Orion gang = extreme action. Still, you and patrickngo had me thinking hard about my situation.

I'm planning to write an origins story in an attempt to explain Kathryn. I think sprinkling in flashbacks during the LCs may cause some confusion, may not get the point of her personna right, and will ultimately drag out her motivations along the way. IOver five LCs I've given the readers how Kathryn is "now", but very little about "what happened" to explain current events. Kathryn is not meant to be cruel - she is to be a strong leader, warrior and capable Captain in Starfleet but who is flawed. Yet, the flaw should not be crippling to negate everything else she is.

Naturally, this process will take some time to develop and reveal as I want to "get it right". Maybe I'm thinking too hard on the subject, but "Kathryn" has been with me since 2005 and I've not finished her tale as a hero/vigilante in City of Heroes - I'm basically starting over in STO.

Thank you all for your feedback over the LCs, it is really appreciated ^_^
There are two general ways origins get revealed- a big "Origin Story" that ties up lots of loose ends (Plot hooks) and sprinkling in perceptions, rumour and flashbacks through the course of regular stories, which tends to OPEN plot hooks for later tales.

It all depends on what you're comfortable with. I usually keep an 'outline' of characters' personalities handy when set about the telling of stories, and I keep track of events between stories to create a sense of 'continuity' that isn't precise, but generates a definite 'feeling'. (Hell, my handle's actually the name of a character I created for another game that is utterly NOT Star Trek!)

There's something to be said in favour of keeping a few mysteries-especially with a Female lead character, so I guess I'd caution against 'showing' too much of her past as a stand-alone. As Bruce Willis said in The Last Boy Scout, "sky is blue, water is wet, women have secrets."

Just sayin'.
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