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04-11-2013, 12:42 PM
Originally Posted by zulisvel View Post
I thought Sela and the Tal Shiar weren't getting along, at least that's what I remember from the Romulan Front story line. So I guess that's getting retconned when they shuffle missions around for the May update then?
I believe they have already changed/updated the Romulan Front missions. Not sure if there was any story changes though. They are the next missions I am doing on Tribble, soon as I level up my fed toon some more, So I will definitely be looking into this.

But yes, my understanding was Sela and the Tal Shiar were not on the best of terms. Plus, why would Sela overthrow Taris if they are in fact all serving the same Masters (ie The Iconians). Would be interesting to see how this all stacks up when ever they unlock the Roms on Tribble.