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04-11-2013, 01:00 PM
Originally Posted by lirdek View Post
regarding ridiculous rewards and other way to get dil (stfs for example) , those fleet events are indeed not played on kdf.

Reward for break planet would be better , i ugess people would start to play it again. And it's too bad because really it is a nice fleet event. Only too long for what it gives in the end.
They need to change them so they're KDF/Fed co-op and bump up the dil rewards for them. Maybe for the Big Dig they could change the story and the enemy we face so we could get Rom marks as well as dil ( We definitely need more/better ways to earn Rom marks). I was thinking since they already incorporated the Fek'Ihri into the mission they could make all the enemies on the map that race. Maybe change the story to the Rommies were doing an archeological dig and got attacked by the Fek'Ihri for some reason and put out a distress call to any ships in the area. The Feds respond because well they are a helpful lot and the Klingons respond just so they can kill Fek'Ihri. And instead of rescuing Fed archeologists we rescue Romulan archeologists.

Breaking the Planet needs to be co-op as well. I picked the Breen for adversaries because well they're a nasty group to face and it would make it challenging. Up the rewards for it to make it worth while, maybe come up with universal marks we could apply to all reputation projects.