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04-11-2013, 01:10 PM
Hmm... I don't recall reading that limitation on the weapon description (I have one of the reman torps now YAY!) and I have seen some people put out rather huge volleys of it.

Thanks for the heads up I'll take a second look at that before i go placing another requisition for them. the grind is long enough to end up wasting the time spent.

If that's the case I'll probably run one of each just for the ****s and giggles and supplement with a pair of regular plasmas. As it is the single torp does get that doff proc fairly regularly. i can usually fire it twice in a row. On rare occasion three.

In the meantime on initial testing I'm liking the 'heavy bomber' conversion. the rommy torps combine very well with torp spread- launching two high yields at three targets with spread 2 and four targets with spread 3. I especially love that the exess torps still redirect to new targets if it is destroyed while they are en route. so one volley has the odd chance of sending the full eight torps at a single target if the rest were against light spam that pops en route.

hehehehehehehehe *Evil glee*

Ok I have confirmed that you can only have one of each torp (the rommy and omega). Also I have found that the omega torp, at least with my build, is a bit un necessary as it's selling feture is the clip-based reserve. Though it would certainly be an excellent addition to other ships or builds that will only be running a single torpedo tube, as you can still do a relatively decent burst of fire allowing for combo torp upgraded attacks without cutting into your available energy weapons.
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