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04-11-2013, 02:11 PM
Originally Posted by aexrael View Post
A) pewpew tholians
B) pewpew entity
C) absorption phase, stop pewpew and move out of AoE range.
D) Absorption ends, tholians respawn, start again at A.

It's sadly entirely too trivial.
So true. I just tried it out this morning and it was ridiculously easy. Its "regeneration" effects have been nerfed to oblivion. I didn't even find the need to dodge those crystal shards. Although I never agreed with the idea that it could regenerate from large shards hitting small craft/mines, the fact that they removed this feature gave rise to all these carrier pet spam and mine spam that pretty much clears out all the crystal shards.

I also noticed that the CE's beams now fires regardless of it's health at multiple targets. While that's a nice change, I also noticed that it's beams just doesn't hurt like it used to. Aside from the shards and tholians, the CE has no killing power.