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The rest of the backstory is copy-and-paste from either TNG, or the Path to 2409. Where's the Legacy of Romulus NEWS?
Noting that they are actually sticking to the Path to 2409 could be considered news. However, we've had more in this snippet than the Path to 2409, which basically says: "Sela became Praetor and peace was had throughout the land!" And then: "Sela is now Empress, and probably a total dictator." Now we know that she has indeed allied with the Tal Shiar, and even the Iconians, although I suspect Hakeev mislead her as to their true nature. I just don't see her allying with a force like that.

Which brings me to my next question: why did she bring the Tal Shiar to power? She had her own group of allies - the fleet that followed her into exile and the Hirogen. Why give the Tal Shiar power? Was it to make sure they were on her side? Was it to use their known draconian policies to contribute to her "oppression"?

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That's just what she wanted you to think.

For anyone who wants to learn more of STO's backstory, I direct you to this article.
Do the accolades have the supplemental logs that were posted on the website before? This doc does:
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