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04-11-2013, 02:26 PM
Originally Posted by sjokruhlica View Post
I do PvE and PvP. I generally set up for PvP, because shuffling two sets of gear, boffs, and doffs, around is annoying.

I've never run a carrier. But the Kar'fi just looks cool.
That's pretty much the way I roll just not as much PVE anymore

I love carriers and the karfi is good for a carrier just all depends on how you want to play

I play my torkhat like a heavy escort running crf and APO pinning people with tractors and EWP it can take a massive beating even though I'm a tac

I play my carrier slightly more non-aggressive I have a set of beams and a set of cannons depending on what I come up against I go for polarons plasmonic leach and a 200+ flow cap rating and it does really well I just find it hard to find a niche

For example my torkhat does more damage and is easier to move around and my voquv is twice the support platform(especially the mirror universe)

However there are some great builds kicking around and with a bit of practice can be a great tool

And like you say there is nothing that even comes close to '***** your dead!' looks like the karfi does
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