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...Question (it may be answered somewhere but I didn't see it): Is getting a skill past 100 give you anything? In other words, if I have character trait + skill bonus + device= 129, for example, do those 29 extra points just vanish?
There is no hard cap on skills. Increasing skill beyond 99 does continue to provide benefit (the points don't vanish).

For example, my main Sci toon Pym, has a drain build. She has Rank 9 Flow Capacitors (99 base skill) + 10 skill from her Astrophysicist trait, +90 from 3x Romulan Mk XI Flow Cap consoles. That total 199 FC allows her Energy Siphon II to provide a 35.9 energy transfer.

Most skills continue providing direct bonus, no matter how high you raise them (as above). However, some skills benefit applications that do have hard caps or diminishing returns. For example, Ship's Power is hard-capped, and Hull Resistance gets hit hard by DR, so the four Systems Performance skills (in the former case) or Hull Plating, Threat Control, and Armor Reinforcements (in the latter) might be less valuable as you get higher skilled.

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