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Originally Posted by hevach View Post
In the original missions, Taris was allied with the Iconians but Sela was not. Taris is captured by the Federation in those missions. The next we hear on Sela is in Cutting the Cord, where she comes to the aid for the Tal Shiar, and then the Iconians come to her rescue.

Only thing that changed is that Taris was gone. The Tal Shiar had lost, and Sela consolidated her control.

Right now, it fits. However, LoR is giving us a pre-Cloaked Intentions Romulan front from both the Klingon and Romulan perspectives, so we'll see if some retcon is needed to make it all fit.
I have played Cutting the Cord on Tribble, and I didn't get that she was coming to the aid of the Tal Shiar, from what I gathered, she specifically said that the machinations up to the point on Brea was the responsibility of Taris essentially saying that Taris was a failure, and then she goes on to say that "It's over" and Hakeev says that it's not over... and then he blames the player for ruining his brilliant plan (like any worthwhile villain would do in his place). Bear in mind, this is how I interpreted the mission at that point.