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So I thought I'd check out STO since it's been a while since I tried the beta. Downloading the client and installing it has been a nightmare and while I've gotten a character built I am unable to get past the crashes when trying to play.

I am giving up. I've restarted, deleted STO and reinstalled, removed Pando, left Pando alone, changed my firewall, restored my firewall, and it's been 4 days, 3 tickets, no response from STO tech. I'd make a separate post about this but hey - when I login to the forums I get a redirect error and can only respond to posts apparently.

When I installed SWTOR there was no issue. LOTRO, no issue. ****, Rift, ***, all of them installed with a minimum of fuss.

I love Star Trek and would have loved to play and maybe even subscribe. But truthfully I can't even get the game to work and if it's this tough to get the thing installed and running then how well does the actual game even work?