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You are overinterpreting. There is nothing in the game that would suggest that she came to rescue Hakeev. When she warps in she says:

A fleet of federation and Reman terrorists ships attack RSE planet, what do you think her reaction should be?
If you later talk with Obisek he says she is missing and he doesn't know if the iconians rescued or kidnapped her. I would say it was the second, why else wouldn't they return her to Rator II and let her rule the RSE for them?

The love between Sela Hakeev, Tal Shiar & Iconians is a new thing.
Actuallly.... Go on tribble and play the mission(unless you did already). Her relationship with Hakeev seems very strained in the new version. She has a rather angry conversation with him before you kill him. She also makes a comment that leads me to think she is only tolerating the use of Iconian stuff and doesn't like the idea.

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