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04-11-2013, 04:56 PM
Personal log: Stardate 87477.82

I find after a quick tour of my new posting as Chief Engineer aboard the USS Phoenix, Lotus Fleets new Avenger class ship, that the CSO has been installing a new astrometrics computer on deck three. Nothing wrong with that, but her crew had tapped for power into the EPS conduits feeding the shield emitters. I had to shut that operation down ASAP and call in some of my own engineering crew to get that installation properly hooked up. Have not run into the CSO yet, but when I find her ....

Later, I happened to share a lift to the bridge with our chief Tac/Sec officer, Commander Vincent. Seemed an amicable human, and we parted without much ado. Toured the bridge then. Man, that is twice the size of the Spectre's bridge, my old ship. That is where I found that Captain Syntron and the XO, Commander Josh Riker, were down in main engineering. Probably looking for me. I had better get a move on.

Have not met the doc yet, but him being Deltan, I guess he'll be prodding me shortly. No telling what them med's like to schedule before launching a new ship. And I haven't run across our chief of operations either, now that I think of it. Mr. Jureth is an accomplished Lotus fleet officer with impressive credentials brought over from the USS Artemis. He'll be quite capable.

Every time I cross by a view port, I see the new USS Horizon ... or soon-to-be anyway. Her commissioning ceremony is coming up soon and then her and the Phoenix will be setting off on our maiden voyages. And that is where the adventure begins anew.

Well, best go find the captain before he keel-hauls me.

End log.

Commander Rogers stepped into the turbo lift and ordered it to main engineering, thirteen deck below.
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