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Originally Posted by kamiyama317 View Post
This really only applies if you use cruddy BOffs on your ship. I wouldn't trust anyone to train one of my efficient Saurians in a skill. There's no guarantee they would give them back. What about someone with a veteran BOff (worth like 100 mil)?
Efficient Saurians really aren't worth while anymore... their prices and usefulness plunged once Leadership stacking and Romulan superior-operative BOFF's went live. It's the exotic DOFF's like Aux2SIF DCE's that command crazy 30mil+ prices these days.

The only folks I would trust with training my Fed Orions and Vet BOFF are my fleet mates -- I've been with them since the early days of STO shooting the breeze on Vent, so there is little danger of them doing any snatch and grab.

EDIT: Regarding Captain Abilities -- don't ignore them. They are HUGE (SNB vs. AP-Alpha vs. RSF, etc...) and will dictate how good players fly their ships.

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