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04-11-2013, 05:44 PM
Originally Posted by carlosvzla28 View Post
hello all! im a newb to PVP, i play mostly on kerrat is a war zone not in the organized pvps!!!! for now i have a heg'ta with 3x disruptor DHC mk Xi [acc]x2 [crth] and 1 beam bank ?[acc]x2 [crth], changing these weapons for the equivalent in tetryon worth it?

sorry my bad english and thx in advance!
Unless you're rolling with a Torpedo Boat beside you, a Tet boat is roughly useless in PVP. When the shields go down, there's no point to exist.

If anything, I'd go to Phased Polaron, or Romulan Plasma. If not the usual big 3.