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04-11-2013, 06:13 PM
Originally Posted by davidwford View Post
I'm serious about this. Also, melee weapons ignore shields. This makes them super effective against heavy tactical and elite drones. If nothing else, they are dilithium sinks. They were purchasable before, they should be again.
We can see that you're serious, but making melee weapons specifically against the borg just raises the question: why.

You can craft amazing melee weapons, you can get good melee from episodes, you can craft them from doff missions.

There is already numerous ways to obtain melee weapons which are effective against everything. Why lose a DMG or CtrH or CrtD to replace it with a borg proc. It simply does not pay off. A rookie may use it a few times, but the minute he/she get his/her hands on a melee with good stats they'll see the borg melee weapon was a waste of cash.

Borg inspired kits would be interesting though.