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Originally Posted by artimus2017 View Post
What kind of build do u have for kumari,i'm just curious.
I'm not in game right now, but right off the top of my head...

Fore Weapons: 3 Rom DHC [acc]x2, 1 Rom DBB [acc]x2, 1 Rom Hyper Plasma Torp
Aft Weapons: 1 Rom Turret [acc]x2, KCB

Borg MK 12 Deflector and Engine, Elite Fleet ResB Shields.

Eng Consoles: Borg, Tachyokinetic, Zero Point
Sci Consoles: Embassy Plasma infused MK 12, VR MK 12 Field Generator
Tac Consoles: 5 VR MK 12 Plasma

Commander Tac (Romulan): TT1, CRF1, THY3, APO3
Lt. Com. Tac (human): TT1, CSV1, BO3
Lt. Tac (Human): TS1, CRF1

Ensign Eng (Lib. Borg Efficient): EPtS1

Uni Lt. (Vet. Human): TSS1, HE2

Basic gameplay - Crf to soften shields, then HYT3 and BO3 to bare hull. If the target is not dead by then, another crf to finish the job. CSV and TS just to clear spam. after the first alpha, I fly out of the fray and wait for either the next target to be called, or pick out the weakest of the bunch and repeat.
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