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Originally Posted by omegaher0 View Post
Okay, this is what I have worked out with the skill planner when I get the ship and respec:

Please note that for some reason, even though I have NOT gone over the space points limit, when I save the build, it comes up saying that I have gone over the points limit and removes a few points. I exchange all points in Engine Performance for Threat Control. Not sure why that happens.

Also, are the weapons I have okay for now? What can I upgrade to? I wanna keep the phaser energy.

Also, I keep seeing ships in PvE do a torpedo attack that fires lines for torpedoes. Is that an ability or a console.

In regards to consoles I'd make the following changes/suggestions:

Engineering: X2 Neutronimum; X1 Subspace Jumper; eventually one of the consoles losted below for Science...
Science: Until you can get the following consoles add your fav one's here. Aim for Borg Assimlated Module; Romulan ZPE and if you can afford too the Tach console (part of the temporal set) from the lobi store.
Tactical: X4 Phaser Relay.

This will give the ship more survivability and bite. Automatically helps with crits and manuverability with the suggested consoles. You should also consider getting the Borg Kinetic Cutting Beam as a rear weapon. Compliments the borg set you have nicely, particularly the tractor beam.

As for Boff powers, really that is player preference overall. There are so many arguments for or against one or the other that frankly, I think you should go with whatever suits your play style most. Hope that this helps.
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