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Originally Posted by fraghul2000 View Post
But how is it a bad idea? How are you negatively effected by it? What would speak against adding an additional assignment where you turn can turn in "dead" or slow-progressing CXP?
There is no such thing as dead or slow progressing CXP. You either find missions that give you the amounts of CXP you are looking for or you don't. If you have too many CXP on one tier, 1) be part of a fleet and turn it in for fleet marks or 2) stop going for those DOff assignments. If you don't understand that Marauding missions generate marauding CXP and don't go for them when you maxed out your tier then you obviously have missed something.

There are missions that give you 500+ CXP around. Granted that some tiers don't generate that much (trade and recruitment being the biggest examples), it is up to you to look for these missions and use them. That's how I managed to level my 4 characters to level 4 on all tiers. And I don't have to worry about one discipline getting more CXP than the others, I trade it in for fleet marks.

The DOff system is not broken if you know how to take advantage of it. The devs are not going to hand hold your every move through it.
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