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Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
I'm puzzled as to why Sela is Empress given how the blog reminds us that all of her past schemes shown in TNG failed. Maybe we need more of a backstory on her covering her career, maybe they could explain that she had many other sucessful plots that more then made up for her failed plots.
That's all covered in The Path to 2409. For a brief summary of the relevant info, please review this STOwiki page.

Originally Posted by burstdragon323 View Post
How about we rename the blogs about lore to something more appropriate, such as "Legacy of Romulus Lore Blog" so that actual dev blogs can be reserved for things players like me are waiting for, such as:

C-Store Ships
Singularity Power
New Gameplay Images

Note to Mods: This is not a troll/flame post, just my honest opinion. I want info about new powers, not lore.
Not sure what difference it would make. The blogs would, presumably, still come out in the same order they are now. And I would expect that for most Romulan enthusiasts, the lore is at least as important as the actual gameplay mechanics.

In any case, according to Bran we're getting another blog tomorrow. I don't think they'll run two lore blogs on two consecutive days.
Please fix the Foundry lag!

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