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Tried hard with my engineering and science builds which make up the bulk of my toons - but they are just not up to the job. I love them - but it seems STO does not(more in regards to the game in general - as they have made quite an effort in this event to make other things count then pure DPS - kudos for the attempt cryptic!). Oh well - can't beat em - join em.

Dusted off my uber tacscort - fully geared and rep'd out to the max- vapourized that baby!

Engineer and sci - tried to heal - use every trick in the book but the best I could get was 3rd place after 10 runs.

(too be honest I really just wanted to see if I could get it - it's crappy loot - an Accolade that I don't check and a Trophy that i will never look at - only time I ever been down to the trophy place on my ships is on the KDF side where you have to place your Bat'leth trophy to finish the Episode mission. Never been back there)

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