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04-11-2013, 09:36 PM
as a BoP pilot, I appreciate having cruisers on the team, so long as they know how to direct their damn fire-see, Klinks in BoPs draw aggro when the cubes wake up because someone tossed a whole lot of unaimed fire around, which makes things very chancy, even MORE chancy when that randomly tossed violence happens to pop the second tier before hte first tier of probes is cleared (I do CSE a LOT).

I appreciate Cruisers for a couple of big-time useful functions:

1. Eject Warp Plasma 3. I love this in Cure, I love it a lot when it's being distributed by a cruiser in the path of various cubespawn, or laid on top of assimilated Negh'vars, because it makes their boarding attempts "Futile". I love it because it stops targets dead in their tracks and makes MY job easier.

2. The occasional heal, which, if things have gone awry (but not yet pear shaped) and we're having to gather to stop the borg from killing the Kang, is VERY nice indeed. It is MUCH easier to keep Borg raptors from killing cruisers if we can all agree that the guys who draw all that fire because they have good DPS need a little cover to keep them doing that good DPS.

In case you're wondering, in Pugland, as a Bird of Prey pilot, I'm often the only "Escort" in a Cure at all-and minus someone being a sport and bringing a Kumari, for some reason when there ARE other 'scorts, I seem to draw-and-keep the 'loving attention' of cube-stacks, even when there are Feds with what should be significantly better firepower hitting them at the same time.
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