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04-11-2013, 09:37 PM
Got 1st place with Kdf tac raptor
Got no placing with kdf sci korath
Got 1st place with kdf engi voquv which spams pets and sci CC, and is all turrets + 1 front romulan torp build. (very poor dps in general)
Got 1st place with fed tac khyzon
Got 3rd place with fed engi healboat starcruiser (faw spam at 25 weapon power). All it did was heal people. (worst dps among all my ships)
Got 1st place with fed sci vesta (spam danubes, and heal anybody that needed healing is pretty much all it did).

I think this proves that you don't need to be a tactical dps escort to win place, or even be first in new CE.