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After spending way too much time writing something no one will pay me to read I finally got this one to the point where I'm happy with it. It's another lengthy entry, for which I do apologize, but hey, the weekend's almost here. I took the opportunity to introduce a few more crew members and recurring characters. There's a lot of people running around in my head, so to help keep all the faces straight I've listed them here in a marcusdkane-style casting call.

The Crew of the Tiburon:
* V. Adm. Jesu LaRoca :: Michael Pena
* Cmdr. Marq Sander (first officer, 1/2 Klingon) :: Chiwetel Ejiofor
* Cmdr. Fozz Ibear (second officer / ops chief, Andorian) :: Ron Perlman
* Cmdr. LaRoca Rusty (security chief, closest thing to his species would be a Raptor from Jurassic Park) :: voiced by Josh Hartnett
* Cmdr. Hector "Ming" Domingo (chief engineer) :: Benicio Del Toro
* Cmdr. Traa'cee (tactical officer, Vulcan) :: Carrie-Anne Moss
* LCdr. Yumi (engineer, Ferengi) :: Faune A. Chambers
* LCdr. Yoann Teena (science officer, Bajoran) :: Sarah Clarke
* LCdr. Dr. Maria Espinoza (CMO) :: Adriana Barraza
* Lt. Barrister (operations, android) :: Alan Tudyk
* Lt. Omid Enfanfar (operations / engineering) :: Hrach Titizian
* Lt. Amraam (deputy chief of security, Ferengi) :: Oscar Isaac
* Lt. Pakray (tactical officer, Tellarite) :: Richard Ayoade
* Lt. "Sticks" Stikvaa (conn officer, Gorn) :: voiced by Ryan Reynolds
* Lt. Erick "Numbers" Marsolek (weapons officer) :: Carlo Rota
* Lt. jg. Mitiani Zain (weapons officer, Cardassian) :: Mila Kunis
* Ens. Dustin "Dusty" Massimino (conn officer) :: Jamie Bell
* Ens. Boris Erebia (shield distribution officer) :: Eric Balfour
* Spfc. Rain Robinson (sensors officer) :: Sarah Silverman
* Acting Lt. K'Jetsk (science officer and combat medic, Reman) :: Viggo Mortensen
* Hank "Hacksaw" Miller (intelligence advisor) :: Kiefer Sutherland
* Ennari Dai (senior diplomatic advisor, joined Trill) :: Natalie Portman
* Stazratts (diplomatic advisor, Gorn) :: voiced by Scott Glenn
* Ivan Jovanovich (diplomatic advisor) :: Mads Mikkelsen
* Kugid (diplomatic advisor, Orion) :: Michael Chiklis

And featuring Rudyard as himself

Special Guest Stars:
* Admiral Bill Davis (director of STS) :: John Noble
* R. Adm. G'Dahn (Vulcan?) :: Adoni Maropis
* Capt. Frank Grimes (STS program manager) :: Edward Norton
* Commander Nivek :: Nicolas Cage
* Lt. Andrei Kurkov :: Denis Khoroshko
* Six of Eight :: Famke Janssen

Past Appearances (LC 40):
* Gen. Ssharki (Gorn) :: voiced by Phillip Seymour Hoffman
* Cmdr. Sway (Gorn) :: voiced by Ben Foster
* Lt. Nietta Holbox (1/2 Orion, 1/2 Human) :: Salma Hayek (ca. 2000)
* Bekk Cal (Gorn) :: voiced by Jimmy Bennett

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