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04-12-2013, 03:25 AM
as said above

TACTICAL has most useful and powerful captain skills in the game, Attack Pattern Alpha ,Fire on my Mark, Tac Fleet, Go down fighting, Tac init.

For a Tac Escort PvE is a silly easy and in serious PvP only really a TAC Escort or a trick TAC Cruiser build has a chance of killing another experienced player.

A Good build Tac escort can have as much survivability as a Tank Cruiser and does 4-5 times the effective damage, the gap is huge.

In the all round game Tactical has a Huge advanatage over other classes

Science Captain Skills are mainly only useful in PvP as part of a group, although Sensor Scan can be quite useful PvE, other skills Sci Fleet, Dampening field help with tanking PvE but you don't really need them in PvE, Sub Nuc only useful PvP.

Engineer Captain Skills not very useful at present, the nadioncconv and epts have some use tio increase dps slightly , RSF ,eng fleet and miracle worker can help PvP tanking slightly and help a little in Pve but you can tank pve without them.

In Summary best class combo for allround game ,PvE, STF and PvP by a huge margin just now Tac /Escort.

Sci in a Sci ship is very poor PvE and Stf, Engy Cruiser a bit better,but nearly all the expereienced players use an ESCORT with thier Sci and Engineers for PvE and STFs

Very sad they need to do a balance pass