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04-12-2013, 04:14 AM
As for me, I took a Sci toon from the start, given my fascination with science in real-life. Then I ran into the DPS-focused meta of PvE, and so I grabbed an escort. Started out in PvP with that, but then got a little bored after a while. It feels like there are only so many ways you can build an escort, eh? Not to mention there isn't much you can do once you find yourself being unable to spike someone's shields off.

I decided then to 'play my career' to the hilt and started working the Sci debuffer/healer route, and pretty much never looked back. The combination of survivability, versatility, space magic and being able to support my team was what did it for me, while retaining some killing power. In effect, a Sci is the swiss army knife to the Tac Broadsword. When I first started pugging, there weren't that many competent Sci players around, and I liked being a little different from the crowd.

Like the subnuke officer's in-game quote, "The cunning blow is sometimes weightier than the strong blow." The Sci is the embodiment of the cunning blow, and that's why it's my main.
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